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Hello, I'm Filiz Altinturk Front-End Developer in Istanbul.

I have been working 8 years in digital agencies and corporate companies. I’m a pixel perfect developer and mysterious bug’s fixer. If any problem is found during testing, I can find a suitable solution to solve the issue in a fast and efficient manner to keep the project on track.

I possess excellent writing skills and the knowledge to keep detailed records of the work being performed.

I have the ability to design and develop high quality codes. I also have experience and training needed to follow and match all specification and coding standards. I always keep in mind while developing web content and my referees can speak for my excellent coding standards.

I am self-motivated, I also have great interpersonal skills that make it easy to work with a team both inside and outside the company.

I have been experience with individuals, showcase and mid to large-scale modern websites with responsive design.

I am proficient using HTML5, CSS3 (Sass, Less) and improve my JavaScript knowledge day by day. I was develop Wordpress themes with skeleton.

I have experience to use SVN, TFS, Git for version control systems and I’m using Gulp/Grunt for development.

I've recently started experimenting with SVG animation. I love to use the animations, interactions, supported by front-end development and UX design skills.

If you think we can make great projects together or just want to say hi, drop me a line.

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